Australia’s top 10 biggest problems

Australia’s largest city is among the most vulnerable in a global climate crisis, according to a new report released on Thursday.

The capital of Perth is ranked No.1 on the list of cities with the biggest risks from sea level rise and the impact of climate change.

The report by the Centre for the Study of the Environment and Sustainable Development (CSESD) at the University of Adelaide is based on the latest research on the state’s vulnerability to sea level rises, flooding and other natural disasters.

It found the capital’s rate of coastal flooding is the highest in the world and that the city is particularly vulnerable to the threat of sea level rising, rising temperatures and other climate change-related risks.

“The impacts of climate-induced flooding are already becoming more severe and increasingly widespread and, while Australia is already on track to be the world’s most vulnerable nation to coastal flooding, the pace of change in the future is likely to accelerate,” CSESD director of climate risk, Dr David Purdy, said.

The research also found Perth has a low risk of being inundated by storm surges and flooding and is considered to be a major city with a low level of climate sensitivity.

“Poverty, inequality and inequality are both directly linked to climate change, and these are the biggest factors contributing to the growing vulnerability of our cities and towns to the impacts of global warming,” Dr Purdy said.

“Climate change is already causing significant disruption in our communities and our infrastructure.

We need to be aware of the threat that climate change poses to our city.”

The report also said the worst-case scenario for Perth was a “dramatic deterioration of the city’s infrastructure” due to the effects of climate disruption.

“At the moment, we are experiencing unprecedented heatwaves and flooding, particularly in the south-west, with record rainfall and flooding events in the past month,” Dr Tanya Taylor, from CSESF’s Department of Geography, said in a statement.

“This is creating problems for city services, including water services and public transport.”

There is also concern that climate-related weather events will become more frequent, as temperatures continue to rise.

“While Perth is a highly vulnerable city, it also has an opportunity to build resilience, which we need to do.”

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