BHP’s new $1.2bn wind farm could put thousands in rural Victoria’s bush, report finds

Posted April 03, 2019 17:12:10BHP’s plan to build a $1 billion wind farm in the Queensland desert has hit a stumbling block as a $20 million project has been delayed.

Key points:A new $2.3bn wind project in the region is being built on land leased from the BHP Billiton subsidiary, which is owned by Rio TintoThe project is slated to create more than 10,000 jobsThe project was initially expected to be complete by 2021The $20m wind project, which was originally expected to come online in 2021, has been pushed back to 2021 to complete by 2020 and start work in the fall of 2020.

“It’s disappointing for the regional community,” Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said on Monday.

“The Queensland Government is committed to building new jobs and new opportunities for Queenslanders, but it’s important that the project is on track to achieve this target.”

Key points :The wind farm is being developed on a 50-acre site leased from BHP, which owns the Bupa wind farm on which the project will be built.

The project has already been delayed several times and it’s expected to hit the road this summerThe Bupan wind farm will be one of three projects to be built in the state’s east, which has seen the region suffer a severe bushfire crisis.BHP, Rio Tina and Cairns Windfarm owner Rio Tino are all holding out for the project to be completed this year, but the project has also been delayed numerous times.

The Queensland Bureau of Meteorology said the project was “one of the most complex projects in the world” and said it was unlikely it would be finished this year.

“Our latest forecast predicts an average wind speed of 10 to 12 kilometres per hour (6 to 8 miles per hour) on the proposed project site,” a statement said.

“This is a significant speed increase for a project of this scale.”

We have no doubt this will be a project that will create significant employment opportunities for our people and the region.

“The state has struggled to rebuild after a devastating fire, which killed 18 people.

More than 100 people have been killed in the fires and more than 700,000 have lost their homes.

Bupan, which includes the Queensland towns of Karratha, North Bupana and Caulfield, has seen a massive bushfire suppression operation since July last year.