Dubai – Dubai Airport to open for new arrivals

Dubai Airport has announced it will open its doors to new international arrivals in a bid to help the city attract more visitors and boost its international image.

Dubai Airport CEO Abdullah bin Rashid Al Maktoum said that the Dubai International Airport will be the first airport to open to international arrivals, as well as a new international hub for the airport, during its inaugural week.

According to the CEO, the airport will become the first international airport in the Middle East to be opened to international guests.

According the CEO’s announcement, Dubai International will be known as the first city in the region to offer the option of a non-stop international flight to all destinations in the world.

This will make Dubai Airport the most international airport with an international hub in the Gulf region, said the CEO.

Dubay Airport has the capacity to handle over 1 million international passengers and will serve as a hub for all international flights.

The airline will have flights to and from more than 60 destinations in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle Eastern, North America, Latin America, South America, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

According Dubai Airport’s CEO, Dubai Airport will serve the entire Gulf region and will also serve destinations in South America and the Caribbean.

Dubai International is a member of the Emirates Airline group.

According Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashad Al Maktuem, Dubai will become a world-class destination for visitors from all over the world and the Gulf will be proud of the international airport that will help Dubai to attract more people and to help it boost its tourism and economic development.

The Dubai International airport will be located in the Dubai Economic City.

According this, Dubai’s international airport will cater for all types of international passengers.

According UAE President Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, Dubai is known for its outstanding airport and the airport has already established its status as the most luxurious in the Arab world.

Dubaid Airport will also have an international gateway to the Middle east.

Dubee Airport is the first major airport to serve international guests with its arrival date set for March 23, 2020.

Dubees chief executive, Abdullah bin Abdullah Al Maktaifi, said that Dubai will host the first foreign holiday destinations, the first commercial passenger arrivals, the opening of Dubai International and the launch of Emirates Air Line.

Al Maktouf said that all the developments of Dubai Airport are in line with the UAE’s Vision 2030.