Fox News: Trump’s foreign policy speech is not an endorsement of Bannon

Fox News’ Chris Wallace said Monday that President Donald Trump’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly did not endorse his administration’s approach to the world, but did praise Bannon’s campaign of populism and nationalism.

The speech, delivered Sunday at the United States Institute of Peace, also praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, and condemned “an endless stream of terror attacks” in the United Kingdom and Germany, and praised North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un as a “very dangerous dictator.”

“I think what he said was a very good idea,” Wallace said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“But I also think what the speech was not is an endorsement or endorsement of what the president is trying to do, which is bring the United State to the negotiating table.

So I think there are things he could do, that would not have done, that I think could be better.”

The speech was Trump’s first foreign policy address since he was elected, and his first since Bannon’s rise to power, with many of his policies and policies set in place after the election.

Bannon has pushed his nationalist, anti-globalist, and anti-immigrant agenda as a populist response to globalists and the establishment.

Wallace said Bannon is a “deeply unpopular man in the U.S., even in his own party” and that he has never been considered for the position of secretary of State.

Trump’s speech, which included the declaration of a war on drugs and an end to the nation’s trade deficit, drew praise from Republicans and Democrats alike, and some Republicans were eager to use it as a platform to praise Bannon, who was a key architect of Trump’s election victory.

But the speech failed to gain traction among Republicans and Trump’s own supporters, and many in the party were upset with Bannon and his support for a more isolationist foreign policy.

“I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing,” Wallace told Fox News host Chris Wallace.

“But if you’re going to be talking about war and you’re trying to get America into World War III, you don’t get a pass on this speech.

He has a lot of support.”

Wallace noted that Republicans in Congress are also unhappy with Bannon’s speech and the President’s approach toward foreign policy, and that some have called on him to step down.

“Well, he can’t.

He can’t,” Wallace replied.

“He can’t go.”

But Wallace said he expects Bannon to be a key player in the administration.

“The White House has been very clear that they’re not going to tolerate anyone in the White House that they think is an obstacle to the president’s agenda,” Wallace added.

“The White, the Cabinet, the National Security Council are all going to have to agree to the strategy.

The Bannon team has been making it very clear, Chris, that they are going to push back.”