How Qatar Airways will cope with the fallout from Qatar Airways’ Qatari Airways Qatar Airways QAL7 aircraft crash

QATAR, Qatar — QATARI AIRLINES QAL 7, one of Qatar Airways’ most iconic planes, crashed Friday after hitting a concrete wall and crashing into a building in a busy area of the Gulf emirate.

Qatar Airways said on its website the plane hit a building that was being renovated.

The company’s president said the crash took place after the aircraft was refueling from a different runway.QATARI STATIONS –Qatar Airlines QAL6: The Qatari Airlines Q-7, one a Boeing 777-200ER, went missing on Jan. 3, 2018.

The aircraft is believed to have crashed in the eastern desert near the Saudi city of Jeddah.QUEEN ELSEWHERE –In Bahrain, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the U.K. announced Friday that they were suspending flights to and from Dubai.

The UK government said the move was in response to the crash of Qatari jets, the QAL2.

The BVI, home to about 1.2 million people, has imposed a number of restrictions on travel.

British officials said that it was not clear when or if flights would resume.

The U.S. Department of State also said that flights were suspended to and with the exception of flights between New York and London, due to the BVI’s restrictions.

In an email to CNN, a spokeswoman for the British Ministry of Defense said: “Due to the severity of the accident, the BFI and the UK have suspended all flights to the UAE and BVI until further notice.”

The British Embassy in Qatar issued a statement saying that the British government “has taken the precautionary measures as a precaution.”

The BFI said that all its flights to Dubai, the world’s largest, had been cancelled.

The BFI has no flights between Dubai and London.

The Dubai-based airline, Qatari Emirates, said that the Qatari airlines QAL4 and QAL5 aircraft crashed on Friday morning.

Qatari Airways QA2 and QA3 planes were missing on Wednesday, according to Qatar Airways.

Both planes were carrying 677 passengers and 16 crew members.