How to get a job in Karnataka: What to expect from recruitment in Karnasaad


— The federal government has announced a series of job fairs in India’s states, offering training programs to help people find jobs.

Karnataka, which is expected to have the highest number of people unemployed, will host the fairs, which will start Monday.

More than 1,000 people have applied for jobs in the state so far.

The job fair is being held in the town of Karnasaan in central Karnataka state.

The government has launched a campaign to help unemployed workers find jobs in Karnas state.

About 100 people who will attend the job fair are part of a pilot project.

More jobs are needed, Gov.

Andrew Jepsen said at a news conference Friday.

“There are more unemployed people in India than any other country,” he said.

The unemployment rate in Karnis state stands at 8.6%.

In a statement, the Karnataka State Council of Labour said it had seen an increase in job applications since the previous round of the job-hunting fair.

It said the unemployment rate had dropped from 12.5% in March to 8.5%.