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An American soldier who served in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division in 2007 is helping his home state of Texas develop a new state motto that would be an official state seal for Texas and a state seal to be adopted by all Texans.

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Greg Abbott, a Republican, is set to sign the bill Tuesday that will give the state its first official seal in statehood.

The state motto would read, “The Lone Star State is a place of liberty, prosperity and opportunity.”

The Texas State Seal was created by a group of Texans who have served in the military and are now seeking to promote the state as a place where the American dream can be realized for all Texans, said Lt.


Dan Patrick, who also is a Democrat.

The new motto would be adopted during the 2016 legislative session.

Texas would join a growing list of states that have adopted official state seals.

The motto would appear in a state flag, the official seal of the District of Columbia, and the seal of New York City.

The new Texas seal will be a state-wide symbol and would be available to Texans in the Lone Star state for the first time.

The state’s first official state motto will be adopted at a ceremony Tuesday, said Abbott, who is also the state’s attorney general.

The official state Seal will be used by the Texas Legislature for a number of purposes, including for official documents, elections, and legislative business, said State Rep. Mike Bost, a Democrat who represents the Austin suburb of Katy.

Bost and Patrick both are Democrats who are vying to become governor.

Bost has been pushing for the seal to become official state land.

Patrick has introduced a bill that would require the Texas legislature to adopt a new official seal each year, with the first one approved in 2020.

The first official Texas state seal was approved in 1882.

In February, the Texas Tribune reported that the state Senate had rejected a proposal to adopt the state motto “In God We Trust.”

In an emailed statement, Patrick said he and other lawmakers had reached an agreement with the Legislature on the proposed seal.

“The state has always stood for freedom, prosperity, and opportunity,” Patrick said.

“The Texas seal is one of the most iconic symbols of our state, and we will continue to be a beacon for liberty, freedom, and prosperity to our state,” Patrick added.