How to Get the Best Gas Prices in New Jersey

New Jersey gas prices have been the subject of controversy for weeks.

Now, they’re coming back into the spotlight.

Gasoline prices in New York are up almost 20 cents per gallon since mid-July.

In New Jersey, they are up an average of nearly 10 cents per barrel.

That’s the difference between what gas costs in the state and what it costs in New Mexico, where the average price for regular unleaded was $3.79 a gallon on Thursday, up from $3 a year ago.

New Jersey’s gas prices, however, are among the lowest in the nation, according to, a price comparison website.

Gas prices in the New York area are up a whopping 20 cents a gallon since late July.

In the state, they were down about 11 cents a barrel.

Gas price information for New Jersey was unavailable Thursday.

The latest price increases are coming as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the Legislature have worked to craft an ambitious $4.5 billion budget and tax package that has the potential to help spur economic growth in the Garden State.

Christie’s budget will be presented Thursday, but it won’t be a full-fledged proposal that the legislature can vote on.

Christie is looking to balance the budget and prevent the state from running out of money.

In July, Christie vetoed legislation to increase revenue from a special sales tax on cigarettes.

That law would have provided $5 billion for schools and other programs.

But that measure passed, and Christie vetoed a similar measure in January that would have extended tax breaks to homeowners.

Christie has said he doesn’t want to cut any more spending.

“We’re still trying to figure out how we’re going to get through this year without running out,” Christie said on Friday.

“We’re working on that right now.

But we don’t want a situation where we have a state that is running out, and we can’t spend money.”

The state budget is expected to be released Thursday.

It will have a number of items that are set to increase.

The governor is expected not to mention a gas tax hike as part of the budget.

The Christie administration is looking at other items, including a plan to ease traffic congestion and reduce the amount of time the state spends without a tax.

The governor has said that the state needs a new gas tax to fund the education and health care system.

New York state voters approved a sales tax increase in 2016, but the measure failed to garner enough support to pass in the Legislature.

The price increases came as New York State is facing a steep decline in the cost of gasoline, a sharp drop that has come as the U.S. is fighting a global oil glut.

The state’s gasoline costs have dropped to the lowest level in years, according the Associated Press.