How to help save your NFL team’s season from an ’emergency’

A lot of players and coaches have seen their careers and livelihoods cut short by the NFL’s lockout.

But what happens when your team isn’t playing?

The league has a special initiative to help.

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About the NFLAs the NFL prepares for a season of lockout, there are a few things that we know the league will do:•Players are encouraged to keep a log of their injury history.•Players who are hurt on the field, but not in practice or in game, are eligible to return to practice.•The lockout will not affect a team’s practice or game schedule.•All team players will have to sign a contract before the season starts, but they are eligible for reinstatement and the franchise tag in the case of a missed start.•Teams can be forced to start training camp in mid-August if they don’t meet certain criteria.

If you have questions about a team or player’s status during the lockout, contact the NFL Media Insider.