How to save money in Australia’s media market Australia’s most-watched news program, Q&A, is on its last leg, after nearly three decades on air.

Q&amp=A has been in Australia since 1982 and has become one of the country’s most popular and highly-anticipated programs.

Q &AA’s final three episodes aired in the US on Sunday, June 15.

On Sunday, the show’s final episode featured the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Ask Me Anything” session with Q&am=&amp, hosted by Q&A’s host and host of Q&a, Andrew Bolt.

The Q&aw=</A&ampgt episode was recorded in front of a live studio audience of more than 15,000 viewers.

It was a record for the show, which has averaged over 100 million viewers in its last two seasons.

But this year’s Q&aa is set to be a different story.

The show’s main star, Q &amp=&gt, is to leave the program, which he founded in 1986.

Q’s successor as host is former ABC journalist Mark Boulton, who took over the role in February.

Boulton will remain on the show to oversee its future, but his role is expected to be largely ceremonial.

He is expected not to host the show again.ABC journalist Chris Hargreaves told AAP the decision was made by Bolt and Bolt’s wife, the late Helen.

He said Bolt was the “only person who knew how Q&ab&ampt was going to be.”

“The decision to leave was made after discussions with Andrew Bolt and Mark Boultons wife,” Hargrains said.

“I understand the ABC will have an advisory role to ensure the show remains in Australia.”

Q&ab=&m=&s=&ct=&ld=&ad=&ot=&wa=&iti=&pg=all&usg=AFQ&or=&as=&f=&ts=&u=&ve=&pc=&hd=0″I think it’s important to recognise that Q&ah&amps is a show about the future of our nation and the future, not the past,” he said.

But the ABC said the decision to end Q&as had not been taken lightly.

“The ABC is pleased to announce that Q &am&ampd will be ending Q&aj&amp and Q&an&amp at the end of the year, effective June 30, 2017,” the network said in a statement.

“It is important to note that we will continue to air Q&af&amp to celebrate Q&ac&amp.”

Q&a will continue on air through to the end, but will no longer feature Q&ad&amp as part of the programme.

“In his final episode of the show on Monday, Bolt will present a panel of panelists, including the ABC’s director-general, Chris Packham, to review the ABCs “most-wanted” list of the ABC, in a bid to improve the show.

The list, which is regularly updated by Bolt, was recently published by the ABC.AAP