How to survive a nuclear attack

The US is deploying two new intercontinental ballistic missiles in an effort to deter the next Russian aggression, a Pentagon spokesman said Wednesday.

The move comes as US President Donald Trump prepares to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 11.

The United States is deploying an additional two ICBMs in a show of force against Russia.

The announcement was made to the Russian government’s chief spokesman and state news agency.

Russia has threatened to launch a retaliatory nuclear attack if the US starts its retaliatory strikes against its nuclear arsenal.

The statement, from the Pentagon spokesman, said the United States will continue to demonstrate our commitment to collective defense and collective action in a way that is clear to all, while using the necessary and appropriate measures.

Russia says the deployment is aimed at preventing any attack by Washington.US and Russia have been at odds over the fate of the Korean Peninsula.

The White House has said that the US will launch retaliatory military strikes against any North Korean missile that hits the US mainland.