How to watch South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill’s State of the State address in Parliament

South Australia Premier Jay Ippolito’s State Of The State Address in Parliament was the biggest political event in the state’s history.

The Premier addressed the House of Representatives in a long speech to honour the centenary of the SA Labor Party.

Mr Ippolieto said he had “lost” the last three Labor MPs, saying they had not served his party well.

He also made a plea to the State of South Australia to join the Federal Government in providing the state with a $10 billion fund to help with the “emergency response” to the Ebola outbreak.

Mr Weatherill also announced a $500 million fund to assist the state to address the crisis.

South Australia’s Labor Party is in disarray.

Photo: AP South Australian Premier Mr Weatherill said he did not have the strength to fight for the Government in the Parliament.

“I’ve lost my three Labor colleagues,” he said.

“It’s a sad day for South Australia,” Mr Weatheril said.

“It’s also a sad reflection of our state’s future.”

“We’re going to work together in order to rebuild the party,” he added.

Mr Ippols’ speech was a response to the death of a colleague who died from Ebola.

Mr Dickson’s wife is a nurse and Mr Weatherills wife is his primary carer.

A spokesperson for Mr Weatherils office said the Premier was not available for comment.

Prime Minister Mr Hinchliffe told the House he would not have used his last Parliament if he did.

The Premier said he was “deeply saddened” to hear the death was related to the virus.

But he said the Government would continue to invest in infrastructure and the economy.

He said it would take time to rebuild confidence.

There were concerns about the Government’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to the outbreak.

However, Mr Weatherili’s speech was not seen as a political statement.

This morning, South Australia’s Chief Medical Officer said there was no new evidence linking Ebola to the current outbreak.

“There are no confirmed cases, there are no deaths,” Dr Phil Scriven said.