Keralites want a referendum on NWS rule in state

KERALA, India —  NWS rules and regulations are the main drivers of the  government’s financial and economic  dysfunction, says  Keralites’ main opposition party.

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) says it is calling for a referendum to take place to force the NWS to reform its regulations and give the people a vote.

The NDA said that in the last three decades, the government’s fiscal and economic policies have led to a  lack of job creation and have worsened  the economic dysfunctions of the Keralite people.

“The NWS regulations are a major cause of the woes of the people.

If the people have a choice, they will choose the NFS,” said NDA state president Nathu Dhamo.

He said the party would ask the state government to hold a referendum, and asked the NSS to come out with an alternative plan to make the people better off.

For years, Kerales northern  region has faced financial crisis and has been facing food and fuel shortages.

The state has suffered from poor  air quality and the northern climate.

But, the NDS has been unable to implement its own proposed measures in the state, and in 2016, it decided to take over the administration of the Northern Distribution Company (NDC).

The NDC administers the electricity distribution system, which has been hit hard by the rising price of electricity.

While the NDC has a lot of money, its capacity is  a mere 1,000 MW, and it is only able to run three transmission lines for about 400 MW of electricity each.

With this shortage, the NDCs is trying to run all the lines with a sprinting and revenue generator, NDS spokesman Nathunath Chidambaram said.

Nds decision to take control of NDCs has caused problems, he said. The NDCs  has finally reopened the NDCs power lines, and has also set up a federal government  that is responsible for running NDCs infrastructure.

But, Chidumbam said, the government has not been able to ensure the functioning of the NDs electric power distribution system.

Chidumbama said the ND government’s response has been to put the ND’s loyalty in jeopardy, and the government is now fooling the people of the region by announcing a plan to reopen NDs electricity lines. 

“There is no real plan. They are making up the story. 

The ND government is making promises they don’t have the capacity to keep. 

It is beneath them. 

We have seen them create a crisis.

They are not looking for a solution,” Chidamba said. 

NDS leader Nishant Bhatnagar said the party will continue to work to move the ND back into the fold.

Bhatnag, a retired former Kerala government director general, said the Nds government has failed to provide adequate compensation for the NWS losses and has instructed the NSD to refuse to pay for nodes in the north.

However, he said the government is willfully negotiating with the NDS. 

He said, if the NDgovernment does not agree to pay, the party is going to take action against the ND and demand a referendum on the ND Government. 

Bhatanagar said that the ND is under the attention of the military and it has been neglecting NSS members in the Northern Distribution Company who have lost their jobs and they are unable to pay dues.

It is also under the attention of the Bengaluru Maharashtra Central Government to ensure that the ND government does not sell off assets to the military, Bhatanag said.

The ND has also threatened to withdraw from the India-Kerala Agriculture Agreements if the Keralives government does not reimburse the amount that has been given by the Nds.