Man on the Run: South Africa’s Manu Ma’afu discusses his decision to step down

South Africa has said that the country’s top sporting figure will leave the country as a result of a corruption scandal involving his wife, the head of the All Black Football Association and an influential businessman. 

Manu Ma”Ma’afo” was appointed as the countrys new president in April, but his reign has been plagued by corruption scandals.

In March, his wife and the head and vice president of the South African Football Association were convicted of corruption. 

In a statement on Tuesday, South Africa Football Association president Ian Pannikens said Ma’affu was suspended for 12 months pending an investigation into the corruption.

He said the investigation had concluded, but he did not specify when the suspension would end. 

Ma’affa has denied wrongdoing and said he was acting to protect the integrity of South Africa. 

“I have nothing to hide.

I’m innocent of the charges against me,” he said. 

South Africa has been rocked by several corruption scandals in recent months, with former vice president Thabo Mbeki resigning amid allegations that he received kickbacks from a sports equipment company. 

According to the South Africa Anti-Corruption Commission, a probe into the affair found that Ma’assa was paid bribes in return for backing South Africa during the 2010 World Cup.

He is currently on trial for bribery in relation to the bidding process for the 2018 World Cup, but the charges have not yet been brought to trial. 

A number of footballers have also been implicated in the case, including the team captain, a former player and the team’s most popular player. 

The charges are based on allegations made by former South African footballer Dusan Jovanovic, who has alleged that he was paid about $150,000 to coach Ma’asses side in the 2009 World Cup finals. 

On Monday, prosecutors filed charges against a businessman from Mozambique named David Mokwete who allegedly received a kickback of $2 million for the backing of the team during the World Cup and in the 2010 Rugby World Cup semi-final. 

Prosecutors allege that Mokwele is a business partner of Ma’as and his wife.