More than 2,000 people arrested in US for protesting against Trump and his policies

More than two dozen people were arrested during protests across the United States over the weekend, and several cities were placed on lockdown as police and activists clashed in cities across the country.

The protests have come as President Donald Trump prepares to unveil his 2018 budget, which will include a proposal to slash funding for public education and welfare programs and eliminate funding for sanctuary cities, where police officers and prosecutors refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

On Sunday, thousands of protesters marched in Washington, D.C., as they rallied against Trump, who has threatened to withhold federal funds to cities that do not cooperate with immigration authorities, and against Trump’s immigration policies.

In Oakland, California, where Trump is expected to announce the budget, more than two thousand people rallied against him and his plans to cut funding for education, housing and healthcare, according to the Oakland Tribune.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, a crowd of about 1,000 protesters rallied against the president in Oakland, where the city’s Board of Supervisors voted to reject his plan to cut the city government’s budget.

In the San Jose area, a small group of protesters gathered in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, where about 20 people were detained for refusing to move to the other side of the bridge.

In Boston, police arrested more than 100 people during a march in the Boston area.

In New York City, a large group of activists marched on the Brooklyn Bridge.

In Minneapolis, protesters marched down Fifth Avenue, chanting, “We don’t care what you’re saying, we want our money back.”

In Chicago, protesters in the city were dispersed after about 1:30 a.m. by police and a group of officers wearing riot gear, according the Associated Press.

In Chicago, at least one person was arrested for trespassing.

The demonstrators chanted, “No Trump, No KKK, No fascist USA!” and “We are not going to stand for it anymore.”

In New York, the demonstrators marched through Times Square chanting, “[Trump] has become our president, we’re not going back,” the AP reported.

In San Francisco, protesters chanted, “[I’m] not going down, we are not backing down,” according to CBS San Francisco.

Protesters also marched in Seattle, Washington, in what some called a peaceful protest.

In Washington state, about 1.5 miles (2 kilometers) from the Capitol, about 500 people took to the streets, marching from the area of the Capitol to the state Capitol, CBS Seattle reported.

The march was peaceful and peaceful protesters were outnumbered, but a small number of officers were injured and were taken to hospitals, according The Seattle Times.

A number of people were also arrested, including two people who were arrested in Seattle and one person arrested in Tacoma, according CBS Seattle.

Protestors in Oakland also rallied against a rally planned for Sunday afternoon, and a large crowd gathered outside the Capitol building to oppose the president.

Protesters marched for an hour in downtown Oakland, blocking traffic on I-5.

The crowd also chanted “No justice, no peace,” and “No hate, no fear,” according the AP.

Police arrested several people after the protest, and about 100 people were taken into custody in the area, according KIRO-TV.

The AP reported that protesters were also blocking streets in downtown Seattle, and in Portland, Oregon, in a confrontation with police.

Police in several other cities were also on high alert on Sunday, and protesters clashed with officers during demonstrations.

In Minneapolis, people were seen in downtown Minneapolis chanting “No war, no KKK, no fascist USA.”

In Boston a small contingent of about 100 protesters marched from the Harvard Yard to the State House.

In Portland, protesters gathered outside a police station chanting, “(Trump) wants to do a deal with us, and we don’t need him.

We don’t want to live with him anymore.”

Protesters blocked Interstate 5 in Boston on Sunday and were seen chanting “We’re here, we’ll come back,” according WFXT-TV in Boston.

Protester who was arrested in Portland was released after posting bond, the AP said.

In New Orleans, protesters blocked Interstate 442 in Baton Rouge and marched down the interstate to the Mississippi River, where they were stopped by police.

Protesters chanted, “(We’re) coming back,” as the group marched.

In Los Angeles, a group gathered in the parking lot of a restaurant and shouted out “We want justice,” according CBS Los Angeles.

Protesting at the White HouseA number are in handcuffs during a demonstration against President Donald Trumps budget plans in the White and Rose Garden of the White Senate, the Whitehouse, Washington D. C. on March 2, 2019.

The president is scheduled to announce a $1.9 trillion budget for 2018.

In Chicago on Sunday a small protest was held outside the White house, the Chicago Tribune reported.

In Oakland, a similar