Muskoka’s new ‘Bigger’ store expands into the downtown area

Muskokas new ‘bigger’ location at 522 Main Street, the site of the new ‘Aquarium’ restaurant and other business, opens Wednesday.

The new location is located in the former Fisher Building at 532 Main St., and is the second location of its kind in the region.

Muskoka Mayor Tim Williams said the new location was part of a “new strategy” to make the city “more attractive to investors.”

Williams said the addition of the Aquarium is a “big boost for the region.”

“The addition of this new location of the aquarium is a huge boost for our region,” he said.

Williams said a new “Aquaria” restaurant will open soon in the building.

Williams also said the mayor is looking forward to hosting the 2016 Canadian Games in Muskos newest city, but did not provide any details on when that might be.

“The plan is to have the Games in October or November of this year,” he added.

The Aquarium and its two other restaurants are owned by The Musksons family.