NFL player suspended for throwing a drink on teammate’s head

NFL player Dont’a Hightower has been suspended for one game and fined $10,000 for throwing an unknown object on a teammate’s helmet during Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told The Associated Press on Monday.

Hightowers head hit the helmet, causing a concussion and concussion-like symptoms for the team’s other two players, linebacker Michael Thomas and cornerback Brandon Browner.

“As an organization we’re very concerned about this situation and the impact this has on our players and the game,” Aiellosaid in a statement.

Hanceowers head and helmet hit the team.

It was a very serious situation and one that was unacceptable.

Our players are focused on being positive and working to get back to being competitive and playing the game at a high level.

Houghton, Alabama The NFL suspended Hightows six-game suspension for his second violation of the league’s personal conduct policy, which includes making a “substantial, unreasonable, offensive, offensive or disruptive gesture.”

It was Hightiers first game suspension in his career.

Aiella said the league will have further information on Highters suspension when it releases the league office’s report on Sunday.

“Dont’A Hightorrs suspension for violating the league personal conduct policies has been upheld.

The suspension is for an offense that occurs on the field during an NFL game,” he said.

A team spokesman confirmed the suspension but declined to comment further.

Haughton was also fined $1,000 by the league and fined for his helmet, which was worn by Browner and Thomas during the game.

“This incident happened on the sideline and during the playing of the game and it’s disappointing that it’s been so publicly reported,” Thomas said.

The two players were injured by the object, which Haughower threw to the ground and then threw onto the field.

Haughtower was fined $100,000 and fined a year’s salary for the incident.

He was also issued a warning for the helmet hit.

“We’re going to continue to be proactive in working with the league on this and we’re going take it very seriously,” Haughnys coach said Monday.

The incident was not the first time that Haughs head hit Browner or Thomas during Sunday night’s game.

Both players were hit by a helmet-to-helmet hit during the first half of the Chargers-Raiders game.

Thomas, who had a helmet to helmet hit by Haughner, told The AP on Monday that he believed he was hit in the head by a bottle thrown by Houghner, and Browner said that the two players hit him in the back of the head with bottles thrown by the former San Diego Chargers linebacker.

The Chargers coach said the two-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle will continue to work on improving his pass rush technique and get back into the game as a rusher.

“I’m going to take it one game at time and try to make sure that I’m playing as hard as I can,” Thomas told The AJC.