Pinnacle and other glaciers of the Himalayas in danger

A glacier is about to go extinct in Nepal, a major glacier is disappearing at its base and the rest of the country is in the midst of a record drought.

The National Glacier Monitoring Centre in Kathmandu reported the death of the Pinnacle Glacier at a level of about 5,000 metres above sea level on Saturday.

The glacier has been retreating rapidly in recent years, according to the centre.

The glacier was discovered in 2011 by the Centre for Scientific Exploration and Education (CSE), which monitors glaciers around the world.

The centre said the glacier’s ice sheet and the surrounding area had been thinning by about 50 metres a year for the past 10 years.

The centre said that by the end of the century, the glacier was expected to have reduced its total area by at least 50 metres.

The CSE said in a statement that its ice monitoring satellite showed a rapid increase in the volume of snowfall that the glacier had been receiving over the last few decades.

This is not the first time the glacier has disappeared in Nepal.

In 2015, a landslide hit a nearby glacier, killing the two guides who were on duty at the time.

The latest news from Kathmandue follows reports of ice melt in several regions in Nepal this year.

Last month, a glacier in the central province of Khetu was observed retreating into the sea.