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This week we look at our weekly favourite, a story that has been shared over 1 million times.

The story: The Duchess of Cornwall has admitted she does not think the Duchess of Cambridge’s husband, Prince Harry, is a lesbian.

In a tweet from her account, the Duchess said: ‘I have been told my husband has never dated a woman.

I have never thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if someone was dating me, someone I could fall in love with, someone who could have children with?”‘

I am not gay.

I am just not that kind of person.’

The story is not the first time the Duchess has been accused of being out as a lesbian by her royal parents.

In February 2015, the Queen was criticised for a ‘tough’ tweet in which she suggested that she was a ‘fairytale’ princess.

In response, Prince Philip was accused of ‘bullying’ his mother.