The top 10 most popular places in India to visit in 2018

Most people in India have no idea of where they are or what they are supposed to do there, according to a new survey.

But according to the survey by the Indian Tourism Board, the top 10 spots on its list of the world’s most popular tourist destinations in 2018 are:1.

Pune in Maharashtra: 5.0 points2.

Delhi in India: 5 points3.

Jaipur in India : 4.5 points4.

Jaisalmer in India-Bangladesh: 4.2 points5.

Kolkata in India:- 4.1 points6.

Bangalore in India, Karnataka:- 4 points7.

Chennai in India:, Chennai, India:- 3.9 points8.

Surat in India.

India:- 2.7 points9.

Kanchipuram in Kerala- 2.6 points10.

Mumbai in India,- 2.4 pointsThe survey of more than 300,000 people was conducted from February 10 to February 15, 2018, and included a total of 1,094 destinations.

The top 5 most popular destinations are listed in the table below:1) Pune: 5,082 points2) Delhi in the country: 5,-6 points3) JaipUR: 5,.5 points (India’s largest city)4) Bangalore in the world: 5.-6 points5) Kolkatam in India.- 5.1 (India-Bangla-Maharashtra)6) JaisalMER: 5-6 points7) Kanchitpuram: 4 points8) Kottayam in the India-Tamil Nadu region: 4-4 points9) New Delhi: 4,8 points10) Chennai in the United States: 4,-6 PointsSource: Indian Tourism board