‘We are not in this for the money’ – Pankaj Kumar says Bihar’s economy is not in it for the big bucks

Patna, November 26 (ANI): Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Tuesday that the state’s economic fortunes were not in any kind of rush and there was no need for big money to be spent in Bihar.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference in Patna’s Patna suburb, Kumar said: “We are in this country to provide jobs for our people.

If we don’t get any jobs for them, we won’t provide them jobs.”

On Sunday, Bihar was plunged into darkness after two major floods left at least 4,200 people dead and the capital, Patna was engulfed by floodwaters.

On Monday, the Centre declared a state of emergency to ensure a clean and safe passage for goods and services.

“The economy has been doing well, but the economy has not been able to provide any jobs to the people.

The situation is now under control.

I want to tell you that our economy is in no rush.

We have no need of any big money,” Kumar said.

He added: “People are not demanding any money, they are demanding their basic needs, which is why we are not asking any government to hand over any money.”

Kumar, who was inaugurated as the Bihar Chief minister on Sunday, is the son of a Dalit man who came to Patna from Rajasthan and worked in the textile industry.

His father had recently retired from the textile business.

Kumar has been in power since 2013 and has been the architect of a major development drive that has seen an average annual growth rate of 7.7% over the last two years.