What do you think about the latest ruling on gay marriage in the Caucasus region?

Georgian gays have been allowed to marry under new law, but there is still no provision for gay couples to form unions outside the country.

Gay rights activists say they fear the ruling will open the door to other discriminatory laws in the country, including laws that ban homosexuality.

The ruling comes on the heels of a constitutional referendum that voters in the region rejected, and the country’s new parliament approved the adoption of a controversial law, the “gay bill” in May.

The law stipulates that homosexual acts between men are prohibited in the state, and that gay couples cannot legally marry outside Georgia.

In the wake of the ruling, the Georgian LGBT network posted a statement on its website on May 6 saying that gay marriage was not on the agenda for the upcoming elections, but would be allowed if a new law is passed.

“Georgia will not allow the spread of homophobia and transphobia in Georgia,” the statement said.

Gay marriage was one of the biggest issues that made it into the May 6 referendum.

LGBT activists in the southern city of Dachau say they were “brought to tears” after they heard the news that gay marriages were allowed.

They have been working to get the law passed and are optimistic that gay and lesbian couples will be able to marry in the near future.

“I am so relieved.

This is so good news,” Nafia, a former inmate of Dacau who works in a prison kitchen, told The Huffington View.

“We are very happy.

This will finally give us the rights we need.”