What the World is Watching: Saudi Arabia’s Vision to Restore Stability

By Rafiqur Rahman (@rafiqur) December 10, 2018The Saudi Arabian military is facing an unprecedented crisis in the kingdom.

The kingdom has spent years attempting to rebuild its shattered economy and maintain a balance between its oil wealth and its social and political status.

But this is now being put on hold as the country faces a new wave of terrorism.

Saudi Arabia’s oil revenues are worth $1.6 trillion, and the kingdom’s economy is heavily dependent on oil exports.

This is in addition to the $50 billion a year that the government collects from royalties on oil and gas deposits.

Saudi Aramco, the country’s biggest oil producer, is the world’s largest oil company, and it produces about half of the world supply of oil.

But with oil revenues and production declining, the kingdom faces a dire need to invest in the countrys economy, which has been devastated by the economic crisis and is in the midst of a recession.

According to the World Bank, Saudi Arabia lost $7 trillion in its national debt from 2015 to 2020, more than the combined debt of the U.S., U.K., Germany and Japan.

If the Saudi Arabian economy continues to fall, the government’s finances will be in dire straits, and Riyadh will be forced to either sell its oil revenue or cut its social spending.

The crisis in Saudi Arabia has become the focus of attention for international investors, and analysts expect it to become the next global financial crisis.

The crisis has caused a domino effect of a wide range of global economic and social issues.

In the short term, Saudi Aramco is the focus, but the country has a long-term plan to reinvigorate its economy and reinvigorate the social and economic sectors of the country.

Saudi Arabia has embarked on an ambitious program to invest more than $100 billion in infrastructure projects over the next five years, which will include new roads, airports, water and power plants, and bridges.

The countrys plan also includes a new investment in the health sector, which aims to help alleviate chronic illnesses.

It is a major part of Saudi Arabias effort to improve the economy and its image abroad.

For now, Saudi Arabian investors are eager to see the Saudi Kingdoms economy grow again, and they are expecting a rebound in growth over the long term.

The government’s plan for the Saudi economy is also being welcomed by international investors.

The country has been criticized by international financial institutions and international governments for its human rights record, corruption, and poor human capital.

At the same time, it has been praised for its development of its economy, its social welfare system, and its ability to withstand a cyclical economic crisis.