What we know so far about the new state of WA in the new millennium

WA is facing an unprecedented storm, but what we know about the state so far in the coming weeks will tell us a lot about the next decade.

We know that there is a large amount of rain that will fall this weekend in the south-east, with some parts expected to be as wet as the next four weeks.

Then there is the threat of rain in the west, with heavy rain and winds coming into the state, with the rain expected to continue for several days.

The state has experienced a few blizzards this year, but most have been milder than the one that has hit Queensland.

That means there is more than enough rain to fall over a period of months, with rain likely to be on the order of six to nine inches (15 to 20cm).

There are also reports of some wind gusts, but the weather remains calm.

Rainfall totals have been reported for parts of Western Australia in the past, but it has not been the case this year.

In the last few weeks, the state has seen a surge in flooding, with water levels up to about a metre (2ft) above average.

At least nine people have died in WA this year so far, including two from the floods in the state’s north-east.

A massive storm surge in the WA region has led to some major infrastructure being flooded and a number of houses and businesses damaged.

There is also widespread bushfire risk across the state.

All this rain and flooding is expected to cause some significant damage to roads and other infrastructure, particularly in the area of major roads in the region.

Roads have been closed, and the state is also facing some severe bushfire risks, including a large fire burning in the central west of the state that is threatening some bushland and bushfire-prone properties.

Emergency management agencies are on standby and are working to deal with the situation.