When a dog dies: A guide to the importance of animal welfare in Queensland

A dog’s life, and the lives of his family, will be on the line as he is put down.

Read moreA dog’s death in a Queensland pet store is just one example of the tragic toll of animal cruelty, but a report published by a Queensland-based animal welfare organisation this week is making headlines for what it says is the lack of a robust response to the problem.

Read the reportAnimal welfare groups in Queensland say there has been a lack of action from Queensland’s animal protection authorities in the past six months.

The Animal Welfare Institute of Queensland (AWIQ) report says it is important that the Queensland Government acts quickly to ensure a humane and responsible solution to the issue.

The organisation says the Queensland Animal Protection Society (APPS) is “at the forefront of the animal welfare movement” but has not taken the initiative to address animal cruelty.

It says APPS has “no plan to tackle the issue” and that the APPS is only interested in the short term and “is not focused on long-term solutions”.

“The APPS leadership is clearly aware of the problem but is focused on short-term fixes,” AWIQ says.

The AWIq report comes on the same day animal welfare groups launched a campaign to educate consumers about the importance to take a close look at pet stores.

The campaign will feature images of a dog who is being euthanased in a pet store and the owner’s message to the pet store.

The image will feature the dog’s name, address, phone number and a note of their “serious and lasting” pet death.

“The message to pet store owners is to be aware of how close they come to the end of a life and to ensure they know what to do if they are at risk of pet death,” AWIs executive director Mark Clements said.

“Pet stores should be responsible stewards of their animals, but pet owners should also be responsible owners of their pets and should not be asked to pay for pet deaths.”

The AWIs report says the APS’s leadership and APPS are not doing enough to prevent the deaths of dogs.

It points to the fact that only one dog died in the last two years, but said the APPs leadership “has failed to make any significant changes to its animal welfare policies”.

“There is no real accountability for the APSP, APPS or APPS members involved in these incidents,” the AWIqs report says.

“This is despite the fact the APTS has repeatedly reported serious and lasting pet death incidents to the APFS and APFS has repeatedly investigated the APSS for breaches of the APs animal welfare policy and animal welfare code.”

These breaches included a serious and prolonged dog death and APSS members have failed to take any steps to prevent these incidents.

“The APS says it has “committed to conducting an independent review of its animal cruelty policies”.

But the AWIs says the organisation has “not been transparent” in the way it has handled complaints of animal deaths, which the AWInsts report says could amount to “inconsistencies and contradictions”.”

We believe there is a need for greater accountability for all involved in animal cruelty and animal cruelty issues,” the report says, adding that “this includes the APIS leadership”.

The AWInst says there is also a lack “of meaningful and effective leadership from the APSI, APFS or APS members”.

The APSS and APS say they are working to address these issues.

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