When does Georgia say the election will be held?

The country’s president, Mikheil Saakashvili, has announced that the upcoming election will take place on April 16, in the capital, Gori, and the rest of Georgia’s provinces.

“It is a clear sign that Georgia is in a position to take a decisive step towards achieving the goal of democratisation and social and economic justice,” Saakashesvili said in a televised address.

The country’s ruling party, the Georgian Dream, has said it will conduct the poll as soon as possible, and will not hold any protests in the run-up.

Gori’s mayor, Mikheyil Tsvangirai, announced that he will organise rallies, and a series of rallies, for the vote.

“We will have to take the decision by the people of Gori,” he said.

“It is the last resort, but we are ready for it.”

Georgia’s president-elect MikheIL SaakASHVILI addresses the media in the southern city of Goro, in Georgia’s capital, on March 14, 2019, as part of a visit to the Georgian countryside.

AFP PHOTO/ANDREW GRAYAFP PHOTO “Gori will be the last place in the country where Georgia’s democracy will be able to flourish,” said Tbilisi Mayor Sergei Shigeta, who is also expected to hold a rally on Sunday.

“I am confident we will have a great turnout.”

But the vote will not be the first time that Georgia has held elections in the south, which has long been the most conservative part of the country.

Georgia’s last elections took place in 2014, and this time around, there will be only two candidates running for the presidency, which will be decided by a runoff vote.

Despite the relatively low turnout, Saakatsvili has said he is confident the result will be close.

“I am hopeful that the outcome will be fair and fair for all Georgians,” he told journalists.

“The Georgian Dream will win the election.”