When the wind blows, so does the rain…

By DOUG LANGTON and RICHARD LUTHERY Associated Press writersAssociated Press writersDOUG LEANING, Fla.

(AP) A week after a Florida judge issued a temporary restraining order, a storm that forced authorities to close roads, schools and businesses shuttered businesses across the state, with many people still without power.

It was the latest in a string of storms that have brought severe flooding and downed trees to parts of the state.

Florida Gov.

Rick Scott said Friday the storm, which left a trail of destruction, was likely to cause more damage.

The National Weather Service said a few hundred homes were damaged and up to 200 businesses were damaged or destroyed.

The storm also damaged trees and power lines.

The storms, which are often blamed for heavy rainfall, have been blamed on a combination of natural and human causes.

Tropical Storm Jose left at least four people dead in Florida and forced a temporary evacuation of the Tampa Bay area.

Hurricane Maria has killed at least 20 people and caused widespread flooding in Puerto Rico.