Which new developments will be featured on the national CBC television schedule?

With the 2015-16 season of The Fifth Estate winding down, CBC has released the schedule for its 2017-18 season.

Here are five things we’re most looking forward to: 1.

The first time we hear the name of the show’s creator, Chris Landreth.

In September, The Fifth is slated to return to air on CBC’s News Network on Friday nights from 8:30 p.m. to 11 p.mo.

CBC has already confirmed that Landreth will be returning as host of the new series.

As The Fifth, he will be joined by guest hosts and a new host in host John Maclean, who will host the series as a regular contributor.

The fifth season will also include interviews with some of the people who have shaped The Fifth over the years.

The show will also have a brand new theme song by the Canadian pop band, Black Veil Brides.


We’ll finally get a glimpse at The Fifth’s other recurring guest stars.

Landreth has made a habit of guest-starring on The Fifth and will once again be making his mark on the show.

The Fifth will debut with a full cast on the first episode of season three, but Landreth’s appearance will be limited to a few brief moments.

Maclean will be appearing on a regular basis throughout the fifth season.


It’s the first time The Fifth has premiered in Canada.

Landrott will be taking over for Tom Loughlin on the program in May, and the first season will premiere in May 2019.

Landry will be the showrunner for the next two seasons.

Landy will also be hosting the fourth season of the series, but will take over as host for the season following the season two finale.

Land will also continue to host his own CBC radio show, Maclean’s Morning Show.


The Five will debut on the CBC News Network, CBC Radio One and CBC Television Network.

Land’s appearance on The Five is expected to be limited, but we expect Land to be featured in some capacity in the series.

It is also likely that Land will be able to speak at some point in the future about The Fifth.


The fourth season will air on the Sunday morning CBC television network, as will the fifth.

The season premiere will air at 11 p.


We will finally get the first glimpse at what Landreth is doing next.

Land has been busy with other projects, including starring as a lead in the upcoming adaptation of the novel The Seventh Seal.

He is also currently working on a movie adaptation of his short story collection The Five, with screenwriter Robert F. Kennedy.

A spokesperson for The Fifth confirmed to The Globe and Mail that Land has had a busy year.

The production of The Seventh Secret is being made into a feature film, which Land said is set to be in theaters in 2019.