Which states are the best places to start your business in India?

As the world’s largest digital market, India has a rapidly growing population of digital nomads and entrepreneurs.

The country’s growth has created an abundance of startups that offer innovative services, including online platforms like Flipkart and Snapdeal.

But some of the country’s top cities, like Mumbai and Bengaluru, are struggling to attract companies, and some have even shut down.

To find out which city is the best place to start or grow your business, we’ve analysed data from the World Bank’s latest Global Entrepreneurship Report, and compiled the results here.

The report found that Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad all have the best opportunities for startups in India.

But in order to thrive, you need to be in a good place to launch.

Here are five key areas in each city that you should start your next business in. 1.

Start your business with your parents or close family members The most popular startup start-up sites for Indian entrepreneurs are Myntra and GoFundMe.

These platforms allow you to raise funds, track progress and even make plans to grow your company.

Myntram is the most popular and the best-rated platform, but you can use GoFundme, too.


Find out how to get started in your city Start your company in any city in India, whether it’s Mumbai or Bengaluru.

Start Your Business in Mumbai – Start Your Company in Mumbai 1.

Myndra 2.

GoFundMindroGoFundMe 3.

Zomato GoFund Me 4.

StartupsIndia 5. StartUp India (India) 1.

Open a company in your hometown.

Start with your local community and build a network to expand your company’s reach.

2: Start your own online platform or service.

Make sure you’re the only one who can access your platform and get paid to use it. 3: Get a job as an entrepreneur, if you’re interested.

You can start your own company in a city you can afford.


Get access to your city’s best resources to build a business.

5: Build your own team and grow your network.

Go to and search for an organization in your area that offers you a platform or product to grow.


Get support from a local startup.

Start a business in your own city and find out what support you need. Mumbai,,