Which US cities are the most expensive?

The US is a land of opportunity, and as the country’s top earners continue to reap the benefits of the nation’s economic boom, the cities in which they live are often the places where their wealth is most concentrated.

But as the cost of living in some cities increases, others are becoming less attractive.

Here are the five most expensive US cities for those seeking to invest in the American dream.1.

Chicago: $28,800 per month2.

San Francisco: $23,600 per month3.

Detroit: $21,200 per month4.

Seattle: $20,900 per month5.

Boston: $19,900per monthCost of living for a single person in San Francisco, the most populous city in the US, is about $25,200, according to a report by real estate website Trulia.

That compares to about $16,000 in Detroit, the second most expensive city in America.

The city is also the site of the world’s second most powerful military and home to some of the largest universities in the world.

But for the average worker, it’s still a lot less than a typical $100,000 salary.

San Francisco, like many other American cities, is struggling to keep pace with a fast-growing middle class, and its affordability has been a focus of the Trump administration.

San Franciscans are getting a discount on their rent, a subsidy that President Donald Trump promised would help the city’s middle class.

San Franiscans were promised a $5,000 subsidy, which the Trump Administration has reduced to $1,200.

In contrast, Detroit’s subsidy for renters was reduced from $3,000 to $2,000 last year.

But a new report by Trulia shows that some of San Francisco’s cities are actually more expensive than the US average for renters.

According to the report, the city with the most unaffordable rents is Washington, DC, at $29,800.

The next closest city is Oakland at $22,400.

The report also found that San Francisco is one of the few cities in the country where renters pay more than a quarter of their income on rent.

San Diego, home to many high-tech companies and some of America’s biggest universities, was the most affordable city for renters, with an average rent of $14,100.

But the report found that renters in the San Francisco Bay Area were paying more than double the average rent in the rest of the country.

For renters, the median rent in Seattle is about half the national average of $2.5, but renters there are paying nearly 20% more than the national median rent, according the report.

Meanwhile, San Francisco renters are paying more for rent than the average in the entire country.

The San Francisco Rent Guidelines, published by the San Diego Association of Realtors, shows that in 2017, the average household earned $58,749 in Seattle.

But in San Diego it’s $48,834.

In Detroit, $46,838.

In New York, the rent for renters in Manhattan is about a third of that in New York City, and it’s more than 40% higher in New Jersey.

The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan costs $1.9 million, while the median price in New Orleans is $1 million.

For renters in New London, the rental rate in the city is nearly double that of Manhattan.

In San Francisco , rent is almost 50% higher than in San Jose.

In Seattle, rent is more than 70% higher.

But San Francisco rents are nearly two times the national rent for single people.

And in San Mateo County, California, the typical rent for an apartment is $2 million.

In San Jose, the cost is less than $700 per month.

San Jose is also among the most liberal cities in America, and renters are spending more than twice as much on rent than renters in many other cities.

In Boston, the price of a one-bedroom unit in Boston is $800 per week, compared to $360 in San Bernardino, California.

In Los Angeles, rent in Los Angeles is $350 per week.

The cost of a two bedroom apartment in Los Angles is $850 per week and the cost for a three bedroom in Santa Monica is $900 per week.(Source: Trulia)In some cities, it is also cheaper to live in a high-cost area.

San Mateos in California, where rents are the highest in the nation, is the fifth most expensive area for renters with median rent of more than $1m, according a study by the University of Southern California.

But residents in Santa Barbara, California pay an average of only $800 a month for a one bedroom, compared with $1k in Santa Cruz, California and $1o in Fresno, California where median rent is about 30% higher and rents are also twice the national level.

In Portland, Oregon, residents in the most affluent city in Oregon pay $1million