Why the Kingston Valley is booming: The world’s largest fishing hub

In a country that is home to one of the world’s most productive fishing grounds, Kingston is also home to the largest population of cod in Australia.

The town is home, by far, to the world-famous kingfish fishery, which is a $10 billion-a-year industry in which millions of fish are caught every year.

That fish is then sold in the state to Asia, with fish exports from Queensland accounting for about two-thirds of the industry’s annual revenue.

That is a lot of fish.

And Kingston, which was founded in 1846, is also the most heavily populated town in Australia, with nearly 400,000 people.

And yet, for all the money in town, there is so little fish.

This is the story of the Kingstone Fisheries District, a vibrant fishing town and one of Australia’s largest fisheries.

The city of Kingston has a population of more than 500,000 and the fishery is worth about $8.5 billion a year.

But as the fishing industry grew in the 20th century, Kingstone saw its fish numbers decline and then decline again.

Now, just like in other areas of Australia, there are only a handful of fish in the town’s catch, and that is the catch that is most valuable.

This story looks at the economic significance of the fish fishery.